Beyond the Grave

He is risen!

Christians announce that Jesus is raised from the dead, that life will triumph over death. 

But how can we proclaim the Promises of Life for a World Plagued by death? 

This series will consider the miracle of the resurrection and its impact on daily life. 

Our Story of Faith

Finding your story. Remembering our faith.

The people of God are supposed to do the work of the church.  This includes worship, teaching, helping others, and more. 

In this series of sermons, we will look to the work of the Church and to the work that we each are to do as Christians. In this we may find our story and remember our faith.

Samson: A Story of Hope?

Samson is among the most compelling characters in history. Even though his name may be familiar, Samson's story is not known well. In this series of sermons we will meet Samson and see his great strength and his foolishness.

In the story of Samson, we will find our own story -- a story of hope.

Serving God

Happy New Year!

As we conclude the celebration of Christmas, it's time to turn our calendar to a New Year. This is a moment of opportunity, a time to consider the blessings of God.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Light in the Darkness

Reflections for Advent and Christmas 2018.

Because We Believe...

Because We Believe...

It is good and right that God make claims on our lives. This includes our opportunity to respond with faith to all of the vents that happens to us in times of plenty and in times of poverty; in times of great certainty and in times of great doubt. In all of these time, God is faithful.

The Great I Am

The Great "I AM"

The Great I Am:

Finding Faith in the Presence of God

We know a lot about God -- at least we like to think that we do. But, how can we be sure? What does the Bible say about God? 

As we explore the nature of God -- looking both into the Bible and into our own life -- we will find that God is with us. 

The Lord's Prayer

Pray Then Like This

Pray Then Like This: 

A Faithful Prayer for a World of Doubt 

The Lord's Prayer may sound to some like a few simple requests.  But this prayer, long embraced by Christians of every language, remains a powerful and relevant prayer for today.