About Dr. Green


     David H. Green was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas.  His mother is a retired church administrator.  His two brothers are both attorneys who live and work in the Dallas area.  Prior to beginning graduate studies, Dr. Green worked with them as a legal assistant and small business bankruptcy analyst.  

     In all, Dr. Green has more than 30 years of professional experience.  This includes working with individuals, congregations and other institutions; helping many through a time of crisis, conflict or distress.  He has proven to be a problem solver who values the best opportunity for success of individuals, work teams and organizations.

      Dr. Green is married to Leigh, his wife of more than 20 years.  They live in Conroe with their teenage sons.    


    Among the most transformative experiences in Dr. Green's life was the opportunity to attend Austin College in Sherman, Texas.  AC is often recognized among the Colleges that Change Lives (see www.austincollege.edu and www.ctcl.org).  This is very much the experience that shaped him into a good student and opened a world of unimagined opportunities.  The staff, faculty and other students created an extraordinary community; collectively committed to academic and professional excellence, community service and the importance of living a life that is balanced and family-focused.  

    Dr. Green's graduate education provided an extraordinary background in studies related to the texts of Old and New Testament, Biblical Exegesis, the history of the Ancient Near East and early Christian church, and Christian Theology.  His doctoral studies emphasized the integration of these advanced academic studies with the practice of parish ministry.  At each institution Dr. Green was honored to study with world-class scholars and privileged to learn from great teachers.

Pastoral Ministry

    In his years of work as an ordained minister, Dr. Green has served God as pastor of a small congregation in rural East Texas, and as an Associate Pastor for Christian Education at the First Presbyterian Church in Charlotte, North Carolina (www.firstpres-charlotte.org).

     In 2006, he returned to his Texas roots.  At the First Presbyterian Church of Galveston (2006-2012), Dr. Green was able to lead the congregation through Hurricane-related repair and restoration.  He describes the Galveston Church as an extraordinary congregation and says that he is glad to have been a part of it. 

    In January 2013 Dr. Green became the Senior Pastor at the First Presbyterian Church of Conroe, Texas.  In making this transition, Dr. Green left one of the oldest Presbyterian sanctuaries in Texas for one of the newest.  The First Presbyterian Church of Conroe demonstrated an uncommon courage and vision by moving in 2001 from their original location to the new facilities located at North Loop 336 West (at Highway 105).  Dr. Green is both proud and honored to be serving God with this great congregation.